Monday, 18 August 2014

Ben is the bomb!

One of the biggest influences when I write is music!  If you have read Finding My Way or watched my Crossroads trailer or played the playlists, you will probably already know how much I love this guy.

I stumbled across Ben Howard on Facebook back in 2012 when a page I was following randomly posted this clip one day.  I instantly enjoyed his vocal style and the 'tongue in cheek' way he performed.

Then I searched YouTube to see what else he had done.  I found this clip and I fell in love with one of the most talented performers I have ever seen:

What do you do on a cold night in Holland?  You play on your balcony, a crowd follows the sound and you spread the love, that's what.  Gives me shivers every time ...

And this one is in the playlist for my upcoming novel, New Beginnings ...

Get the music!

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