Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Sydney Author Event here I come!

I'm packing my things because tomorrow I'm heading to Sydney.  This weekend I'll be attending the Sydney Author Event 2014.

When I started writing it was with the hopes of self-publishing one little book, a bit of fun, to see if I could sell a few.  I never dreamed that two years and nine titles later, I would be attending my second book signing  in the heart of Sydney with some of my favourite authors!  I mean just look at those names!  I'm so excited and honoured to be included in the same room as such talented women!

Not only that, but I love the friendships I've formed since I started this journey.  They have enriched my life beyond measure.  I feel so very blessed to have made online friends with so many beautiful people.  And this weekend I get to hang out with them, some I've met before and others I will be meeting for the first time.  Can’t wait! Full report and pictures to follow in the coming days ...

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