Thursday, 2 April 2015

Free books & a couple of excerpts

The first three volumes in the Eraser series are currently free to download from Amazon...

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Eraser Volume One
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Eraser Volume Two: Blue
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Eraser Volume Three: Lilac
US | UK | CA | AU | DE

Don't forget - the remaining three volumes are available for only 99c each!

Blue Excerpt
He’d never been a hearts and flowers type of man.  He’d never needed to be.  If he wanted a woman he took her.  Simple.  But he’d only ever wanted sex or a companion for dinner.  What he was after with Mackenzie was so different and unknown.  Not simple.

When he would watch her at work, serving customers, tending to their needs, he wanted her to serve him, submit to him, let him pleasure her and rule her body.  But he also saw her as a nurturer; a person taking care of people.  She was warm and friendly.  He was drawn to her, and it wasn’t just sexually.  He wanted her around him, by his side, nurturing him and caring about him, smiling for him.  

And that’s how he’d found himself standing in front of a florist, before they had even opened their doors, early on a Saturday morning.  For her, he wanted to be the hearts and flowers type, it’s what she deserved.

Lilac Excerpt

The sun was disappearing over the horizon.  The clouded afternoon sky filled with shades of pink, purple and lilac, nothing like he had ever witnessed before.  He had a naked Mackenzie on his lap.  They were seated on her sofa, wrapped in her big fluffy white duvet.  The TV was on but neither of them were watching.  Instead they were both looking out the window at the unusually colored sky.

“It’s beautiful,” Mackenzie whispered.

He didn’t answer, just tightened his hold on her instead.  It had been a beautiful day, spent with a beautiful woman and it seemed only fitting that the sun went down in much the same way.  After their long bath, they had wrapped themselves together and hadn’t moved from their spot on the sofa since.  He’d never felt so content in all his life.

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