Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Soundtracks for my books

I love music! It can set your mood, bring back memories, get you moving, help you relax... I am really passionate about it and I like a variety of styles.

When writing I find a lot of inspiration from music. There are quite a few songs featured in Finding My Way and I think that it adds to the book.

Quite often when reading I find that if the author mentions a song I am compelled to play that song while reading that scene. To me, music and stories go hand in hand. Just like when watching a movie, the soundtrack can really help to set the tone, invoke emotions and just make the story better.

So I have playlists of songs for each of my books. They are constantly updated as I write. They consist of songs that are either mentioned in the book, imagined by me as playing in the background in a particular scene or else they just provided me with inspiration when writing.

What do you think?

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