Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Breaking my blogging virginity!

Hey there, this is my first ever blog post ever.

So here goes:

I have been secretly writing for a while now and somehow I managed to write a complete novel! Yay me! Now don't get too excited because it may not be that good, it may not be to your taste, and you may think that it is garbage. However I am hoping that you will like it. It means a lot to me and I like it, so there's that. Anyway, I will be publishing it as an eBook sometime in June and I hope that you will check it out and maybe not hate it.

My book is called Finding My Way. It is about a group of Aussie twenty-somethings who are all heading in different directions and trying to find their way in life. It is a story about choices, love, friendship and heartbreak (so mainly romance). It is the first in a trilogy, but don't get put off by that, give it a go, it has a conclusion, no cliff-hanging to be had. Plus the other two books are partially written so hopefully you won't have to wait too long to find out what happens with the characters you have grown to love (hint, hint, please love them!).

Wish me luck!


Is anybody even reading this???

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