Tuesday, 3 September 2013

More ramblings

So I have sent the ARCs of Crossroads out to the bloggers that are participating in the blog tour and now I have nothing left to do but wait.  Wait for the feedback, wait for the release date, wait for the paperback proof... I HATE waiting!  This time last week I was stressed that I might not finish writing the book on time and now I'm done I kind of wish I wasn't.  What am I supposed to do now?  I would drink to celebrate but it's the middle of a school day here and I have kids to pick up, plus I have a nasty head cold.  I should probably clean the house but I have no energy (see above, head cold).

So what am I doing?  I'm writing these ramblings instead.  No story to write?  Write about nothing in particular.  Like this - it's sunny outside but I have a head cold and I don't want to go out.  I'd prefer to sit at my computer writing about nothing and waiting for someone to message me that they don't like that Nick did... or that Emma said... wouldn't want to miss those important messages.  And playing on Facebook, gotta do that, like all day.  That's what I'm doing la la lala la la lala

Random fact:  When self-publishing you need to format your work twice.  Once for digital (ebook) and once for print (paperback).  My digitally formatted pdf doc for Crossroads is only 203 pages long.  I was disappointed when I saw that.  To me that is a rather short book. Then I re-formatted for print - 325 pages.  That is perfect!  FMW was a whopping 537 (including title pages, etc.) and some complained that was too long, but hey what can I say? I like to ramble (see all this rambling ^^^)  But to me 325 pages is the perfect length for a book!  So I am stoked at that!

I am still in shock that I can say "I'm an author.  I've written two novels."  This time last year I hadn't even written a word and now I have three more books on the go... what a huge change in a small amount of time!  One day last September I woke up with a story in my head.  It was a short story about a girl called Nicole and a guy called Nick, who met at a train station.  It was a confusing conversation between Nic and Nick.  Nic was soon changed to Em and FMW was born.  FMW grew out of control and became a series.

Another random fact:  Nick was only ever meant to be a small character in the series, he wasn't even going to get his own POV.  I guess he just kinda took over!

Don't forget to post your review of FMW and put the link on my other post for your chance to win an ARC of Crossroads.  Spread the word, because I don't think people read my ramblings...

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