Friday, 14 February 2014

Happy Valentine's Day!

Joel from How to Liv is a pretty romantic guy.  He writes little notes like this to Liv on a regular basis:

Have you met these two yet?  Be sure to get yourself a copy today.  Only on Amazon.

Not to be outdone by Joel.  Eraser’s Sir has sent a little something to Mackenzie for Valentine’s Day...

Valentine’s Day.  It had been such a busy night and Mackenzie was relieved to be finishing soon.  She could hardly wait for the next ten minutes to pass.  She watched the last clients filter out the door and another man enter, this one she recognised, Sir’s driver.  He was carrying a long white box which he silently passed to her.  She placed it on top of the hardwood bar and lifted the lid to expose the most exquisite, long-stemmed, deep pink, gloriosa flower, encased in white tissue paper.  There was a gold envelope beside it.  She slid a small card from the envelope and read the impossibly neat, perfectly impeccable handwriting.

Oh yes, she couldn’t wait to finish work!

Yep, he’s romantic alright!  Haven’t read Eraser?  Grab yourself a copy today!
Still only 99c

Want more love notes from some of your favourite book characters?  A.K.A. The Book Harlots Review are hosting a special Valentine's Day event.  Join 'Letters from the Heart' here for fun and prizes.

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